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Filma on iPad, Mac and iPhone - Multiplatform

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Filma on iPad, Mac and iPhone - Multiplatform

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"I’ve been using Filma since it first came out and I have always been impressed with the functionality an responsiveness from the development team when I’ve had questions. Also the training videos they release are easy to follow and implement inside of your own projects. Thank you so much Filma team for making and maintaining such an awesome product for both iOS and MacOS. 🙏🏽😊"
"This is the best video app for the money. They keep on improving the app each week with new stuff. IT IS A MUST for video editing. It allows you the ability to create LUTS, specific to your projects."
"Since I am not a professional film-maker, I enjoy easy-to-use film editors. Filma is exactly that. It's design is simple and fluid. The layout is unique and the options available for filters, etc. are deeper than they appear. The UI is actually what is most important to me, and really upped my desire to keep using this app. I prefer the simplicity of it, from icons to even the curve settings on the button regions and even the icons. This is very professional, minimalist, and promotes exploring exactly what each option has available."
"This app has taken my imagination and business to astounding heights. It’s been my go to for quite sometime now!"
Filma - Edit video like a pro easily on the go with your iPad | Product Hunt
Filma - Edit video like a pro easily on the go with your iPad | Product Hunt

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Filma on iPad, Mac and iPhone - Multiplatform

Unblock your creativity 🤖

Avoid poor video stress. Achieve success, focusing on creativity with reduced editing time, thanks to our smart tools.

Advanced masking

As a true video editing app, Filma includes a big set of masking options to help you create amazing compositions.

Animate anything with


  • Position, Scale, Rotation
  • Filter intensity, color interpolation, distortion
  • Masks, progress, shapes
  • Lights focal point, zoom center

Color Adjustments, Filters and LUTs

Get the perfect colors with this interminable list of color grading tools

Music-synced videos easily and quickly with our

BPM detector

Detect song or footage tempo; adjust, cut, and import clips to match the detected tempo with ease
BPM - Tempo detector and timeline indicators

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