True video
editing app

Recognitions 🤩
Filma - Edit video like a pro easily on the go with your iPad | Product Hunt
Filma - High-end video editing on the go for iPhone, iPad and Mac | Product Hunt

Multi platform📱💻

 Filma is available on iPhone, iPad and Mac and will be soon on Android as well.

Filma on iPad, Mac and iPhone - Multiplatform

Faster, easier and smarter 🤖

Filma uses AI, templates and a variety of reusable components to reduce the editing time and let you focus on the creative process.

Advanced masking

As a true video editing app, Filma includes a big set of masking options to help you create amazing compositions.

Animate anything with


  • Position, Scale, Rotation
  • Filter intensity, color interpolation, distortion
  • Masks, progress, shapes
  • Lights focal point, zoom center

Color Adjustments, Filters and LUTs

Get the perfect colors with this interminable list of color grading tools

Music-synced videos easily and quickly with our

BPM detector

Detect the tempo of any song or footage
BPM mode on the Timeline's ruler to show the guide for the times detected
Magnetic indicators to cut, drag and adjust any clip to the perfect detected tempo
Shorcuts to import, split and generate cuts matching with the tempo detected
BPM - Tempo detector and timeline indicators

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