Video trends for 2022

Video trends are changing every year, and creators should keep up with what is going on TikTok, YouTube and other social media platforms have been the leading players dictating video trends in the last few years Video trends in 2022 will continue evolving, and brands will ride them.

But how you can benefit the most from this Trend?

Exactly with the right Video Editor!

Nowadays, everything is fast and mobile. For example, if you're very active on social media, you've probably seen how "reels" or "shorts" have gained popularity.

In this post we would like to share with you the 5 best trends for 2022

1. Create and edit short videos (reels or shorts)

Less than or equal to 30-second videos have recently become a great way to get quality traffic and engagement from viewers on social media.

As more and more platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube push for more short videos, we can expect consumer popularity to increase.

Video editors use editing software to edit video footage after the fact. It is then possible to add various effects or animations to the video.

TikTok short video
TikTok user: girl2484

2. Using animation in video

Nowadays, more and more videos are turning away from the traditional way of creating videos where someone speaks in front of the camera.

Because of advances in technology and video editing programs, more and more video editors can create high-quality videos for businesses.

Using animation in videos is a great and effective way to tell a colorful, creative, and engaging story than simply having people speak on camera.

It also helps that many good video editing programs include basic animation features, and many programs focus on animating elements that can be used as well.

When creating a video, you should either create an animated video or simply add animation and graphics to your live-action video to make it more engaging and visually captivating.

3. Newer and better video transitions can be used

We have observed how outdated transitions that were popular in the past decades have been displaced by newer and better video transitions.

Better, newer, and more professional transitions are one of the best trends in video editing, and as video editing programs get better with each update, this will continue in the future.

Nowadays, it is possible to add amazing effects and transitions to their videos. Filma includes a big set of transitions to make this task a smooth and powerful experience.

If working with these transitions is new to you, don't worry because there are many different video tutorials that you can watch online.

Filma transitions

4. Mobile video editing

Another new trend in video editing that is becoming increasingly popular these days is mobile video editing. Mobile video editing allows video editors to edit their videos on their mobile devices.

Thanks to the increasing power of smartphones and the accessibility of editing apps, it is now possible to edit videos on the go.

Mobile video editing is not only suitable for beginners, but also experienced and professional video editors. With mobile editing apps, they can streamline their editing processes and help to Maximize their productivity without always having to sit in front of their workstation.

Filma adapts to this ecosystem by providing a customised experience for iPhone and iPad as well as a desktop one on Mac.

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